It’s all about Me

I guess like most other dommes I have been a dominatrix long before I became a pro-domme, but just didn’t have the title.

Stepping into the world of BDSM as a prodomina in training has felt like coming home. All those personality traits that are often perceived as negative or undesirable in the vanilla world have suddenly become my crown jewels.

When I was much younger I vividly remember my mum saying ‘Never chase a man’, those words stuck. Growing up I quickly learnt how to play the game. I learnt the power I had over men, talking a certain way, looking or dressing a certain way. I suppose you might call it manipulation but I quickly realised I could use my feminine charms to get what I wanted and to get men to do what I wanted.

The older I got the more this behaviour evolved, ‘ Your way or the highway’ and ‘You’ve got me wrapped around your little finger’ became phrases i heard often. By my early twenties, entering into adult relationships, I was often referred to as ‘wearing the trousers’. Some women might of been offended by this, not me, I bloody loved it !

In my early thirties I began a counselling and psychotherapy degree, for me this was a really important turning point in my life. Over the three years that I studied I embarked on a much needed journey of self exploration and personal development. I believe this was the start of my fascination and professional understanding of the mind and how and why people behave in certain ways. It was also an affirmation of something I already knew which was that I am highly intuitive and read people really well.

It also served to strengthen my acceptance of myself as a strong and dominant woman. Whilst my dominant nature was often coveted and appreciated by men, women were another kettle of fish.

It was around the time of finishing my degree that I was approached by a friend who was a pro-domme about becoming one myself. It was at this point that I realised I could combine making a living with doing something i absolutely loved and was born to do, Dominate men !

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